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Cain/DG i love you

Life Has Lyrics

Posted on 2009.04.04 at 20:29
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Title: Life Has Lyrics part Three Crossover
Author: tardisinthesgc with eventual (I hope!) crossover to Torchwood by born2rock548
Characters/Pairings: DG/Cain. after the crossover, I make no promises. Mentions of the rest of the gang, the Queen, Ahamo, Az, Jeb, and a couple random OC's
Rating: Uh, I'm not good with this...PG? PG-13 max for language and stuff
Word Count: >1,000
Disclaimer: I don't own Tin Man, or Nick Lachey. Heck, this isn't even my computer!
Spoilers: post series
Summary: DG gets fed up with life in the palace...
Comments: I don't own the music or the lead cast, so don't sue me, please!!!
Author's Note: ummmm, yeah, this sat in my notebook for a LONG time. It wasn't till born2rock548 nagged me to send it that I finally typed it up!

“Nice to know the feeling’s mutual.” He murmured, resting his forehead on hers.

“Same here.” DG breathed as she ran her fingers through his short blonde hair.

Suddenly there came the sound of a twister touching down yet again in the corn field. They looked at each other, confusion etched on their faces.

“What the hells?” Cain said aloud.

“Don’t look at me.” DG replied, shrugging.

Cain stood and walked to the window.

“What the hells?” he repeated. “She said I had an annual!”

For out of the twister popped one, two, three figures. And they were headed straight for the farmhouse. Cain stiffened.

“Cain?” DG asked uncertainly. “Cain, who is it?”

“I don’t know, but I’ll go find out.” He replied, making for the door.

“Cain! Don’t go out there alone.” DG begged.

He froze. “Deege, I’ve got to.”

“No.” she said firmly.

“Let me go see if they’ll be a problem.” He urged.

“No. Just look from here.” She replied.

“Deege, please.” He begged.

“No. Just look from here.” She repeated.

He sighed but looked out the window again, squinted, then grinned.

“Cain?” DG asked uncertainly.

“It looks like a family reunion, princess. It’s Jeb, Azkadellia, and…Glitch?” he said the last name with hesitation.

“Glitch? But…” her voice trailed off.

“I know. But what other Zipperheads do we know with corkscrew hair?” he asked.

“True, but how?” DG said, cursing inwardly that she couldn’t stand up and see for herself.

“I’m as clueless as you are, sweetheart.” He said, shrugging.


As he said it, they both heard the sound of three pairs of feet stomping up the steps. Well, two pairs were stomping. One set was light and graceful. Then there came a knock on the door. Cain glanced at DG then went and opened it. There on the doorstep were Az, Jeb and Glitch. Immediately, Az spotted her sister and shoved Cain out of the way to get to her.

“Deege, my baby sister, what happened?” she asked, concerned.

“I tripped.” DG replied, grinning as she hugged her sister.

“You tripped?” Az asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Az, this is me we’re talking about.” DG replied, rolling her eyes.

“True.” Az agreed, laughing lightly.

The sisters turned to look over at the rest of the group where the Cain men were talking.

“Glitch! How are you here?” DG cried. “Last time I saw you, you were lying in a coma!”

“Hey, Doll. Your mother and sister were able to revive me. Something to do with their magic. Something to do with their magic. Something to do wi-” Cain cuffed his head. Glitch glared at him

DG looked past the usual banter and greeted the third member of the party. “Jeb! What are you doing here? I mean, not that I’m not glad to see you, I’m just surprised and, er, yeah, that thing in my teeth is my foot.” She said sheepishly.

Jeb laughed. “I’m here as a ‘guard’ for your sister, seeing as she actually has permission to be here. Also, seeing as she hasn’t been trotting off every Friday night, Jessie.” He said, raising an eyebrow.

“Hey, it’s not like they would’ve let me even if I did ask. And on top of that, Jessie is more then capable of taking care of herself.” DG snapped indignantly.

“Whoa, whoa, I was just teasing. I must admit, though, Jessie scared me a little.” Jeb said, laughing.

“Oh? How so?” DG asked, curious.

“I always knew she wouldn’t hesitate to kick my ass if I got out of line.” He grinned.

“Don’t forget, it’s not just Jessie who can kick your ass. I can too. Remember that, Jebediah, it’s quite important to insure your personal safety.” DG said mock sternly.

“I’m sure you can, Dorothy.” He shot back.

DG stuck out her tongue at him. “I mean it, Jeb.”

Jeb rolled his eyes. “Yes, Mother.

DG and Cain both simultaneously choked. Jeb gave them a funny look. Then he cracked up.

“Well, I meant that as a joke, but now that it’s out, I must say that it’s about damn time!!!” he said, grinning.

Cain coughed. “Jeb? What are you talking about?”

Jeb rolled his eyes. “Ok, now this is just sad.” He turned to Az and Glitch. “Isn’t that pathetic?”

They both nodded.  Cain and DG both started stuttering indignantly, but Az cut them off.

“Will the two of you just get a room!” she cried over their stammering.

Everyone stared at her. Then Cain and DG started to blush, Glitch cracked up and Jeb said, “Well, princess, you’re certainly full of surprises.”

Cain/DG i love you

Life Has Lyrics

Posted on 2009.04.04 at 20:27
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Current Music: John Barrowman and Shona Lindsey, All I Ask of You
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Title: Life Has Lyrics part two On Your Own
Author: tardisinthesgc with eventual (I hope!) crossover to Torchwood by born2rock548
Characters/Pairings: DG/Cain. after the crossover, I make no promises. Mentions of the rest of the gang, the Queen, Ahamo, Az, Jeb, and a couple random OC's
Rating: Uh, I'm not good with this...PG? PG-13 max for language and stuff
Word Count: bit more then 4, 000
Disclaimer: I don't own Tin Man, or Nick Lachey. Heck, this isn't even my computer!
Spoilers: post series
Summary: DG gets fed up with life in the palace...
Comments: I don't own the music or the lead cast, so don't sue me, please!!!
Author's Note: ummmm, yeah, this sat in my notebook for a LONG time. It wasn't till born2rock548 nagged me to send it that I finally typed it up!

Chapter One


          DG was in hell.

          Since the eclipse, everything had gone sideways. Glitch had decided to try to get his brain back. Now he was lying on a gurney in the Healers ward in a coma, completely unresponsive towards any attempts at communication. Queen Lavender had gone cold and regal, treating her with icy respect. Ahamo, although far easier to like once he shaved off the mutton chops, had become a yes-man to whatever the Queen asked of him. Az, however understandable as it may have been, scared easily, cringing at loud voices and curling into a fetal position and whimpering if it was aimed at her or her family. Raw was thanked by his services and sent back to live with his people, no visiting allowed. But DG would have been able to cope with all of that if it weren’t for him. For Cain.


          Cain had been appointed as DG’s personal bodyguard, a duty he took seriously. Too seriously. He always called her Princess now, with a capital ‘P’. No longer was it said as an endearment, a joke between the two of them. It was her title now, nothing more, no emotion behind it. He was breaking her heart.


          For sometime between when she had opened the Tin Suit and storming the castle, she had fallen completely and utterly in love with him. And she had thought that maybe, just maybe, he had reciprocated the feeling, just a little. But no, his eyes held and icy coolness when he looked at her, all the warmth was long gone.


           She couldn’t take it anymore. One night, instead of changing into her nightgown, she put on her jeans, T-shirt and jacket, packed a small bag, and walked down stairs to the front doors. Cain followed her without a word, as he always did. When she reached the doors that led to the outside world, she summoned her magic and blew open the doors and summoned a travel storm that would take her back to the old farm house in Kansas. But as she stepped forward to enter the storm, a hand grabbed her arm, holding her back.

          DG turned to see Wyatt Cain staring at her, his expression unreadable as usual.

          “I’m afraid I can’t let you do that, Princess.” He said tonelessly.

          “As Princess of the O. Z., I order you to let go of my arm.” She said, her tone angry to cover the hurt as she furiously spat the title back in his face.

          “And as your bodyguard, I can’t let you do leave.” He said coldly.

          “As if you care.” She spat furiously. “It’s not as if I actually matter around here. I’m just a figurehead that has to be polished every now and then. I didn’t ask for this. If I’m going to live in hell, it may as well be a hell I can actually move in without someone tailing me wherever I go! No, I’m leaving whether you like it or not. Go do what you want, Cain, I’m not your fucking chore anymore.” She said, ripping her arm out of his grasp as she strode towards the storm that was drawing nearer by the second. But then his hands were on her arms again as he spun her to face him once more. As she looked defiantly into his bright ice-blue eyes, she saw that they were no longer cold and distant, but worried.

          “Is that really what you think, Deege? That I don’t care? The only reason I stuck around was for you! I don’t know what I’d do without you! Please, Deege, don’t go. Please.” His last words were spoken in a husky whisper as he choked back the tears that no one ever saw.


          DG’s eyes were prickling with unshed tears as she flung her arms around his neck in a frantic hug. His arms clung to her too; one hand at the small of her back, pulling her to him, the other cradling her head to his chest as he silently begged her not to leave. Reluctantly, she stepped back slightly, looked deep into his eyes before kissing him gently on the cheek.

          “I’m sorry Wyatt. I’ll miss you. I lo-” but her last words were cut off as the travel storm broke through the wall and pulled her into it, whisking her away to Kansas.


          Wyatt Cain watched her fly away, helpless to interfere. He sank to his knees, the picture of defeat.

          “Deege,” he whispered. “why did you have to leave me?”



Chapter Two


          Cain was in agony.

          His wife was dead. His beloved son, his pride and joy, was a stranger to him. And his friends, oh, his friends! Although he had always been a bit gruff with Glitch, he’d always held a soft spot for the man. They both had trouble saying what they meant to say. But then ol’ Zipperhead had gone and tried to get his brain back. Now he was as good as dead, a corpse waiting for the morgue. And Furry Lips had been sent back to the Viewers, and none to politely either. Not by DG, of course, but by her mother, the Queen, the source of the O. Z.’s misery as far as he was concerned. If someone had simply pulled her off the throne and put DG in her place, everyone would be far better off. Hell, the O. Z. would shine if his princess were queen. And that was his problem right there: his princess. Not ‘Princess’, not ‘Princess DG’, or even ‘Princess Dorothy’. No, it was ‘his princess’. When had he fallen so helplessly in love? Even when they had first met, he had told himself, hell, he had ordered himself to leave them, but he hadn’t, he couldn’t leave her side. Now, he couldn’t even remember the Projection clearly. He had thought that it would haunt him forever, the recording of the Longcoats mercilessly beating him as well as his wife and child playing over and over again, powerless to interfere, for eight years. He had thought it would haunt his dreams, his thoughts, his life, forever, that he would see it whenever he closed his eyes. And he did, but it wasn’t Adora that he saw. It was DG. He couldn’t even remember Adora’s face any more. And now DG was gone. She had thought he didn’t care about her. How could she have thought that? How could she have thought that he of all people didn’t care about her? He had only stayed because of he, and not simply to keep her company, but because he could sense her future going down hill. No, he had stayed because he couldn’t leave her side, couldn’t stand for her to be out of his sight. And now she was gone.


          With a heavy heart, he dried his eyes, rose, and went to wake the Queen and Consort. She wasn’t going to like this one bit.


Chapter Three


          “She did what?” Ahamo roared.

          “Left, sir.” Cain said softly, praying to whatever deities might possibly exist somewhere that his voice wouldn’t crack, that he could maintain a façade of calm.

          “And you didn’t stop her? You just let her leave?” Ahamo bellowed.

          “I told you, sir, I tried. She left anyway.” He breathed.

          “Well you should ha-”

          “That is enough, Ahamo.” The Queen said calmly, cutting off his tirade mid-sentence. “Mr. Cain, it was your responsibility to keep Princess Dorothy safe and you failed.”

          Cain hung his head, but not in shame or defeat. He knew that if he looked at the woman who had driven his princess away, he would be unable to control his temper.

          “However,” she continued, interrupting his thoughts. “because she is still your responsibility, it falls to you to find her. Due to the vastness my husband has informed me of in regards to the Other Side, I you will have one annual to find her and bring her back. After one annual, I will send soldiers to find her instead. Now go.” And with a wave of her hand, she returned to her chamber.

          Cain turned to leave, but Ahamo stopped him.

          “You should know, Cain, that when you bring her back, if so much as one hair on her head is out of place, you will suffer for it.” He said softly, all traces of the yes-man he had become since the Eclipse were gone. Suddenly Cain could see just how he had managed to survive so well in the Realm of the Unwanted for so long: he was dangerous and deadly.

          “And if you had given her a bit of attention, she wouldn’t have let in the first place.” Cain retorted icily.

          In a flash, Ahamo was on his feet, his face inches from Cain’s, his eyes blazing with utter fury. “Don’t you dare blame me for her leaving. It was as much your fault as mine.”

          “How can it be my fault?” Cain asked, bewildered. “I already told you I couldn’t stop her!”

          “If she hadn’t fallen in love with you, she would never have tried to leave in the first place!” he roared, pain etched in every inch of his features.

          Cain froze. His princess, in love with him? Impossible. He was in love with her, not the other way around.

          “Wha-what are you talking about?” he stammered.

          “As if you don’t know.” Ahamo spat scathingly. “The way she looked at you, the way her eyes followed your every move, you were loving it. And because of you, now she’s gone.”

          “I didn’t know.” Cain breathed, still reeling from the shock.

          “Whatever. Just bring her back.” He snapped, storming out of the room.

          Cain stood there for some time, motionless, his mind pouring over the mind-blowing news he had just been given.

          “Deege,” he murmured, horror-struck. “What have I done to you? What have I done?”


Chapter Four


          Tears ran down DG’s cheeks as she slowly climbed the stairs to reach her old front door. As she knelt to retrieve the key from under the doormat, they splashed onto the porch. She stared at the droplets of saltwater, her eyes glazed. She would never see him again. Just when she’d decided that he didn’t care, that she didn’t’ matter to him, he had made her rethink all her thoughts from the past three months. And now she would never see him again. She grabbed the key and straightened up, unlocked the door, replaced the key under the mat and went inside. Everything was as they had left it. She sighed as she struggled to move the overturned bookshelf that was still blocking the staircase and found it to be too heavy to move. Carefully, she stepped over it and climbed the stairs to her old attic bedroom. When she got there, she surveyed her old drawings with the air of a soldier returned home from war. But then she came across the drawings of her mother. In a rage, she ripped them from the wall and was about to tear them to shreds when she stopped. With a sigh, she smoothed them out and put them in a folder and slid the folder into a drawer in her desk. Sitting down on the edge of her bed, she thought back upon everything that had happened to her in the past three months. Traipsing across the O. Z., meeting Glitch, Cain and Raw, finding out that Azkadellia was her sister, being imprisoned in an emerald coffin, stopping the Sorceress’s plot to bring eternal darkness to the O. Z., falling in love with Cain…she suddenly realized just how tired she was. Falling back onto her bed, she rolled onto her side and cried herself to sleep.


          DG was learning to dance. Ambrose was her teacher, constantly correcting her posture, foot position, the way she held her head, everything. And DG swore she was going to kill him for it. But just when she was about to curl her hands around his skinny little neck, Glitch would take over and make her laugh, make her smile, extending Ambrose’s life expectancy just a little. Why was she being tortured so? Because in honor of her ‘grand return to the O. Z.’, a grand ball was to be held at the Central City palace and DG was expected to dance. And despite the Queen’s insistence that was a child, DG had been quite the dancer, she simply needed to remember, Az’s barely smothered snorts of derision made her doubt the validity of her mother’s assurance.

          “It’s all about rhythm, Princess.” Ambrose said condescendingly.

          “Yeah, yeah.” DG muttered irritably.

          “Ambrose is right, Doll.” Glitch said, grinning. “The steps, I can teach you, but rhythm,” he smiled, putting a hand over his heart. “Rhythm comes from the soul. Find the rhythm in you, and you can dance to anything.”

          “And that’s your assignment for this evening, Princess. Find the rhythm. I will see you again tomorrow.” Ambrose concluded and with a small bow, turned and strode out of the room.

          “Find the rhythm? With this music? Not likely.” DG muttered scornfully.

          Walking over to where the sound system was in the corner, she smiled at the clicking sound her heels made on the marble floor. Surprisingly comfortable silver pumps with not too large a heel, they looked lovely with the dress she was wearing. To the shock of all she had met on her adventure, despite being a tomboy, she enjoyed wearing dresses. Not all the time, but sometimes. Tonight, she was wearing a turquoise dress that came almost to her knees. From the waist down there were wide pleats that flared out when she spun (which she did often when she was wearing this dress—she liked how it looked and felt). She summoned from her room the iPod she had insisted upon retrieving from the Other Side.


          With a bit of tinkering, she had created a way of connecting her iPod to the O. Z.’s version of a sound system. Switching off the morbid-sounding waltz Ambrose had her trying (and failing) to dance to, she flipped through her play list till she found what she was looking for: I Dream by Billie Piper. Not exactly dance music, but it followed her dreams almost word for word.


          Lately she had been dreaming of the upcoming ball, but not as a nightmare. She had dreamt night after night of dancing with a certain Tin Man. Hitting play, she walked with the beat to the center of the room. Closing her eyes, she started dancing with an imaginary Cain.

It’s time to tell you all a secret I keep

How I get with you when the world’s asleep

I can’t wait for the lonely to end

Then I can be back in your arms again


When I close my eyes

You are by my side

And I can picture us together

Every night I pray

There will be a way

We can make it last forever



I dream I’m dancing with you

And I can really move

I dream you’re kissing me

And I can really feel it

I dream I’m dancing with you

And I can really move

I dream you’re kissing me

And I can really feel it

Swear I can really feel it


I know I’m living in a fantasy world

I know how it feels to be a girl

And hear you say the sweetest things soft and low

I never want to wake up and let you go, no


When I close my eyes

You are by my side

And I can picture us together

Every night I pray

There will be a way

We can make it last forever


          And suddenly, an arm was around her waist, a hand in hers, and her partner was no longer a dream.


I dream I’m dancing with you

And I can really move


“I thought you said you couldn’t dance, princess. You certainly didn’t seem to when Zipperhead was in here.” He murmured in her ear.

          DG thought she would faint. “Wrong music.” She breathed, inhaling the scent of him.


I dream you’re kissing me

And I can really feel it


          “I never thought you could dance either, Tin Man.” She whispered.

          “You never asked.” He retorted, a smile in his tone as he rested his cheek against her head gently.

          DG buried her face in his chest to hide the blush that she knew must be covering her cheeks. “Well you’re officially my new dance partner. Congratulations.” She said cheekily.

          “Oh, no, princess. My dancing doesn’t leave this room after tonight. No one finds out about this. And if you tell any one, I’ll deny everything.” He informed her sternly, but DG could hear laughter in his tone.

          “Is that so, Tin Man?” she asked softly.

          “Yes.” He replied simply.


          Revolving slowly in time with the music, they were both smiling. Then, the song changed, a more upbeat song, Bring It On, again by Billie Piper. Struck by sudden inspiration, she pulled away from Cain, remembering the saucy tango beat that closely followed the ‘Down’s in the beginning. At the ‘Bring It On’, she winked at him and beckoned with her fingers. A part of her was wondering just where this sudden confidence had come from, but when Cain joined her in the tango formation that Ambrose had taught her, all doubt vanished.


          Stepping forward and back, DG smiled to herself at the closeness the tango forced them into. Suddenly, Cain spun her out so that they were joined only by one hand. Just as suddenly, he spun her back to him so that her back was pressed closely to his chest, her arms crossed around her waist, her hands in his.

          “You look far too attractive for your own good, darlin’.” He murmured in her ear, his voice vibrating in his chest and all through her, his voice tickling her neck sending shivers of pleasure down her spine.

          Her heart had been pounding, but in that instant, she swore it stopped. Her eyes fluttered closed.

“Why, Mr. Cain, I’m surprised at you!” she breathed. “If I didn’t know better, I would think you were trying to seduce me!”

“I’m sorry, princess.” He said suddenly, his grip loosening.

Her eyes opened as she spun to face him. She wound her arms around his neck.

 “What makes you think that was a complaint?” she whispered.


Pulling his head down to hers, she pressed her lips to his. The effect was instantaneous. One arm snaked around her waist, the other tangled in her long black hair, pulling her close. Running her fingers through his short blonde hair, she moaned with pleasure. Taking that as an invitation, he slipped his tongue into her mouth to clash with hers. She was glad he was holding her so tightly because she knew that if he let go, she was sure to melt into a puddle right onto the floor. All she wanted was to hold this moment forever, to stay in his arms, for him to never let her go…


Sitting bolt upright in the bed, DG moaned softly at the loss of contact before she realized that it had all been a dream. Dammit, why did I have to wake up? She thought bitterly, a tear ran down her cheeks as she realized that it could never come to pass. Wearily, she stood, cringing at the popping that emanated from her complaining knees, she walked to the window. As if on cue, a twister touched down in the cornfield. After growing up in rural Kansas, she knew it wasn’t tornado weather, and when a lone figure dropped out of the twister, her suspicions were confirmed. But when the figure straightened up, there was no mistaking that fedora and duster: Cain. She smiled at the sight of him; it was almost as if she had dreamed him there. But when she realized why he must be there, her smile faded. Furious, she stormed down the stairs to confront him, but she had forgotten about the bookcase and she fell. Crying out in pain, she clutched her ankle. Cain’s footsteps pounded up the steps.

“DG? Princess? Are you in there?” he called anxiously.

“Yeah.” She gasped.

Without waiting further instructions, he burst into the house.

“DG, where are you?” he called, his voice panicked.

“In here.” She whimpered.

Almost immediately, he found her. “Deege.” He whispered, carefully picking her up. She gasped in pain as her ankle moved.

“Sorry! Sorry!” he murmured in her ear as he cradled her in his arms. “The couch is that way.” She whimpered, pointing weakly in the direction of the living room. 

Walking carefully so as to jostle her ankle as little as possible, he made his way to the living room. Slowly, he set her down on the couch then he knelt by her head.

“What happened, princess?” he asked softly.

DG was about to tell him off when she realized from his tone that he was using her nickname again, not her title. She smiled at that.

“I saw you coming from my bedroom window and I was coming down to see you, but I forgot about the bookcase. I tried to move it earlier but it was too heavy. I think I twisted my ankle over the damn thing, but all I really know is that it hurts like hell.”

“Let me see it. I’m sorry, but this is going to hurt a bit.” He said gently.

Carefully, he untied her shoes. On her uninjured ankle, he simply pulled it off followed by her sock. On her injured ankle, he slowly removed the laces entirely, pulled back the tongue, and with one hand gently bracing her ankle, removed the shoe and then removed the sock. He gently prodded her good ankle and then her bad one. Despite being prepared for it, DG couldn’t prevent a hiss of pain escaping her clenched teeth. A look that was both apologetic and relieved flashed across his face.

“Well, it’s not broken, but it is sprained pretty badly. We’ll need to keep it rested, cold, compressed and above your heart for a while, but you’ll be fine.” He said, smiling.

“Says you. I won’t last a day having to lie here alone with nothing to do.” She snapped, cringing.

“You won’t be alone. Where can I find some ice?” he asked calmly.

“I will be alone because I won’t go back there with you. I told you, I won’t sit around and be a useless figure head. If I’m going to live in hell, it may as well be a hell I can actually do something in!” she said angrily.

“Did I say you had to come back today? Your mother gave me an annual to track you down. Seeing as I found you pretty quickly, I plan on giving you time.” He said simply.

“You mean I have an entire year before Mother drags me back?” DG asked excitedly.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I mean, princess.” He said giving her one of his rare full-blown smiles.

“Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!” DG cried, flinging her arms around his neck.

Chuckling, Cain returned the hug with amusement. DG’s face was buried in his chest and she breathed in his scent. He smelled of gun powder, wood smoke and a smell that was distinctly and deliciously Cain.

“I’ve missed you.” she murmured.

“I’ve missed you too, sweetheart.” He whispered.

Gently, he pulled away, kissed her forehead, and straightened up. “Where’s the ice?” he asked, smiling slightly.

“It’s in the freezer.” She huffed, pouting at the loss of contact. “The tall box in the kitchen. Left door, at the top.” She elaborated, seeing his confusion. “Dishtowels are in the drawer to the right of it.” She added.

“Thanks.” He said.


A few minutes later, he returned with the ice wrapped in a dishtowel. Grabbing a few pillows off a chair, he gently lifted her ankle and put the pillows under it, placing the makeshift cold compress over it. Cringing at the sudden frigid temperature, she smiled gratefully.

“Thanks, Cain.” She said, smiling.

Again, he knelt by her side, concern once again marring his features. “You never answered my question, princess. How could you have thought I didn’t care about you?” his eyes searched her face desperately, agony was the prominent feature.

“Well, you rarely even spoke to me, and when you did it was only to say ‘yes, Princess’ or ‘no, Princess’. You never acted like you cared; you always seemed indifferent.” She said softly.

“Sweetheart, if anyone else realized how much I cared about you, you as a person, not you as a political figure head, I would have been banished from the castle, from ever seeing you again, maybe even executed. I couldn’t live without seeing you. I can’t live without you. I love you.” he breathed.


DG couldn’t take it anymore. She flung her arms around his neck and kissed him. Stunned, Cain froze, but only for a moment. Then, one arm snaked around her waist, the other tangled in her hair and he was kissing her with such intensity that she moaned with pleasure. Taking that as an invitation, he slipped his tongue into her mouth to clash with hers. She was glad he was holding her so tightly because she knew that if he let go, she was sure to melt into a puddle right onto the floor. All she wanted was to hold this moment forever, to stay in his arms, for him to never let her go. She waited to wake up, to be crushed with disappointment that it wasn’t real, but it didn’t come, and Cain was still kissing her. Overjoyed that it really was real, she kissed him back with an intensity rivaled only by his own. Finally, Cain pulled back gently so that they could breathe.

“Nice to know the feeling’s mutual.” He murmured, resting his forehead on hers.

“Same here.” DG breathed as she ran her fingers through his short blonde hair.


Cain/DG i love you

Life Has Lyrics

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Life Has Lyrics
Part One: Cain and Able

Title: Life Has Lyrics part one Cain and Able
Author: tardisinthesgc with eventual (I hope!) crossover to Torchwood by born2rock548
Characters/Pairings: DG/Cain. after the crossover, I make no promises. Mentions of the rest of the gang, the Queen, Ahamo, Az, Jeb, and a couple random OC's
Rating: Uh, I'm not good with this...PG? PG-13 max for language and stuff
Word Count: almost 3,000
Disclaimer: I don't own Tin Man, Sara Bareilles, or Taylor Swift. Heck, this isn't even my computer!
Spoilers: post series
Summary: DG gets fed up with life in the palace...
Comments: I don't own the music or the lead cast, so don't sue me, please!!!
Author's Note: ummmm, yeah, this sat in my notebook for a LONG time. It wasn't till born2rock548 nagged me to send it that I finally typed it up!

Chapter One


          DG sighed softly as she put the final touches on her disguise and completed her false ‘sleeping DG’ under her covers.  It was a method she had used every Friday for three months now and no one-not even Cain-had discovered the ploy. She cringed at that thought: Cain.


          After the Eclipse, DG had thought that everything would be great. But then Glitch had decided to try to get his brain back. Now he was lying on a gurney in the Healers ward in a coma, completely unresponsive towards any attempts at communication. Queen Lavender had gone cold and regal, treating her with icy respect. Ahamo, although far easier to like once he shaved off the mutton chops, had become a yes-man to whatever the Queen asked of him. Az, however understandable as it may have been, scared easily, cringing at loud voices and curling into a fetal position and whimpering if it was aimed at her or her family. Raw was thanked by his services and sent back to live with his people, no visiting allowed. But DG would have been able to cope with all of that if it weren’t for him. If it weren’t for Cain.


          Cain had agreed in a heartbeat when her mother had asked him if, as an ex-tin man, he would be willing to serve as DG’s personal bodyguard. DG had been indignant at first, but relented when she realized that it was Cain who would be with her 24/7. But then he changed.


          Cain took his new position far too seriously; he went from being a man of few words to a man of none. And it broke her heart, for sometime along the journey, when he regained his heart, he also took hers. But when he turned cold, he never returned hers, and so she was left hollow. And so now, in her loneliness, she turned to music to help fill the void left from her heart. She donned a disguise: waist-length light brown hair with honey-blonde highlights, an oval face, and deeply tanned skin, the shade of tan she had envied each and every fall that she could remember from the Other Side. Each fall, when she returned to school, girls would come in with a deep tan from being in the sun all summer while DG would come in looking like a lobster. One of the few things she didn’t change, though, was her eyes. She had tried to change them the first night, but she couldn’t bear it. And so now, each and every Friday night, she would don her disguise and use her magic to pop out to a local, respectable pup and sing songs from the Other Side under the alias of Jessie Able.


          Well, pub didn’t really do it justice in her opinion. It reminded her more of the old bar in World War II she had seen once on an episode of Doctor Who. Every week she would pick an artist on her iPod (that she had insisted on retrieving from the Other Side) and re-memorize all the songs she liked. Then Friday morning she would call Alfred Horton, the owner of the pub (for some reason she didn’t really understand, it was called the ‘Emerald Dragon’) and tell him what the theme for that night would be (the name of whatever artist’s songs she was singing). Come evening, she would prepare, pop out, sing, come back, and crash. Tonight’s theme would be Sara Bareilles. Alfie had long-since given up questioning her theme choices because, after many attempts to explain, he had finally gotten it: she was singing songs that weren’t hers and she wanted to prevent the one-in-a-million chance of someone actually recognizing the songs and accusing her of copyright infringement. Basically, she was covering all the bases. Overly paranoid, she knew, but she wanted to be as honest as possible despite everything else being a lie.


          So, smoothing out the non-existent wrinkles in her simple yet elegant black knee-length, spaghetti-strap dress with a wide flair skirt and sweeping her long hair into a pony-tail which she partially pinned up with a clip leaving most of it to flow down her back, she double checked her simple makeup and vanished from her room with a soft pop.


Chapter Two


          A moment later, DG suddenly appeared a block away from the back door of the Emerald Dragon. In the shadows of the Central City streets, her arrival went unnoticed. She strode calmly in her black sneakers the rest of the way to the back stage door and knocked twice. A thin young man with blondish-brownish hair opened the door, clearly trying to look intimidating.

          Oh, move over, Jeb. It’s just me; tone it down, will ya?” DG said, rolling her eyes at his antics.

          “I’m offended, Jessie, and here I thought I was doing a good job. Could you at least pretend to respect me?” Jeb retorted, pouting slightly. “Bet my dad would scare you.” he muttered.

          “Jeb Cain, you know full well I respect you. I’m just not scared of you. And I doubt that your dad could scare me either.” DG said, silently regretting her last sentence.

          Jeb laughed, not noticing her inward battle. “You only say that because you haven’t met him.”

DG smiled sadly, giving him her usual hug as he let her pass. “If you say so.” she murmured. It still bemused her that Jeb had gone from resistance leader to pub security guard. But then again, at least one of the Cain’s didn’t ignore her existence.

          “Jessie Able, where the hell have you been?” came a mildly exasperated voice, cutting through her thoughts like a razor. Like Cain’s razor. Damnit, not again!

          DG cringed. “Sorry, Alfie, you know me.” She said sheepishly.

          “That I do. Go warm up.” Alfie said, rolling his eyes.

          “Aye-aye, captain.” DG said, giving him a chipper salute.

          “Yeah, yeah.” He muttered as he walked away.


          Alfred Holton wasn’t a cruel man, not in the least. With long straight black hair he kept pulled away from his tan face in a pony tail and his casual attire of short sleeved button down beach shirts with jeans and surprisingly manly flip-flops, he always seemed at ease with the Zone. He just preferred it when his performers were relatively punctual. DG grinned and went off to her corner to warm up her voice and to conjure up an accompanist. Tonight, ‘Sandi’ would be playing the grand piano that lurked off to one side of the stage. DG peeked on stage and spied her usual stool by the mike accompanied with a couple bottles of water. Well, here goes nothing. She thought as she strode on stage, closely followed by Sandi. Taking her seat on the stool, she grinned out at the half-attentive audience.

          “Hey, all.” She said, smiling. “For those of you who didn’t read the sign, tonight’s theme is Sara Bareilles.” 


And so it began. She started with ‘Come Round Soon’ which she bridged into ‘Love on the Rocks’, ‘Love Song’, and then finally ‘One Sweet Love’. After that, she went back stage to get some more water as she had already finished the one on stage. She always took a quick break after three or four songs, always separating the themes. Usually part one was upbeat and perky songs, part two was mournful slow songs, and part three being upbeat and perky again, but this time was different. This time was exactly three months since the Eclipse. Three months since she had gotten her family back. Three months since Cain had broken her heart.


So she changed her pattern, finishing on a sad note rather then a bright one. For her second part, she sang ‘Fairytale’, ‘Many the Miles’, and ‘Morning Side’. But just before she sang ‘Morning Side’, she caught sight of a shadowy figure lurking in the doorway of the main entrance of the pub. A figure with a duster and a fedora: Cain. For a moment, she stopped breathing. Giving herself a mental shake, she started the song, smiling slightly at the bitter irony of the lyrics.


          The instant she was through the song, she went back stage to have a panic attack. Cain! Cain is here! Did he recognize me?

          “Hello there, Princess.” Cain said calmly, suddenly standing there in front of her in the way only he could.

          Holy shit! Dammit, play dumb.

          “Hmmm? Oh, hello, didn’t see you there.” She said, taking a quick swig of her water to hide her suddenly cracking voice.

          “Don’t play dumb with me, Princess, I know its you.” he said icily.

          “Who are you talking about?” she asked innocently, her brow furrowing.

          “I don’t know how you snuck out, but you’re going to tell me.” He said dangerously, grabbing her wrist.

          “Ow, Cain, let go, you’re hurting me!” DG whimpered.

          “If it’s not you, then how did you know my name?” Cain challenged triumphantly.

          “Your son’s the spitting image of you, although he doesn’t cause me bodily harm, now let go!” she cried.

          “And how do you know Jeb?” he asked sharply.

          “Oh, forget it.” She muttered. “Jeb! Get your scrawny ass over her right now, I need you!” DG yelled.

          “Jess, quit yelling, I’m com-Father.” Jeb said suddenly broke off, shocked.

          “Jeb?” Cain said, confused.

          “Yeah, it’s a fucking family reunion, now get him off me, I’m gonna have bruises!” she said indignantly.

          “Oh, right, er, Father, you have to let go of her.” Jeb said weakly.

          “You knew about this?” Cain said angrily.

          “Look, buster, I don’t know who the hell you think I am, but get your goddamn hands off me, I’m due back on stage.” DG said furiously.

          As if on cue, Alfie came round the curtain. “Jess? Honey, where are you? You’re due back onstage. Uh, um…” his words died on his lips as he took in the scene before him.  “Uh, is there a problem?” he asked nervously.

          “Don’t worry, Alfie, Mister Cain was just leaving.” DG said icily, jerking her wrist out of Cain’s confusion-slackened grip. And with that, she stormed back on stage.


Hoping desperately that she wasn’t shaking, DG tried her best to lose herself in the music. But once she reached the second verse of ‘Gravity’, she caught sight of Cain standing in the back again, arms crossed across his chest, Alfie eying him nervously although Cain didn’t seem to notice him in the least. His eyes were fixed on her; the lyrics in the song suddenly became that much more real. No, completely real.

You hold me without touch

You keep me without chains

I’ve never wanted anything so much

Then to drown in your love

And not feel your rain

          As she sang, DG caught Cain’s eyes and she couldn’t let go. She couldn't break eye contact, and she knew that he knew that she was singing about him. She held his gaze for the rest of the song. And when she started to sing ‘Between the Lines’, she kept his gaze until the second verse: she couldn't bear the thought of another. She kept her eyes firmly glazed until her final number: ‘City’.


          When she started to sing, she caught his eye again, this time almost desperately. She didn’t know why, but suddenly she needed him to see her stolen heart on her sleeve, needed him to face the facts, regardless of if he cared or not. She needed him to see what he’d done to her.

And it’s clear this conversation

Ain’t doing a thing

‘Cause these boys only listen

To me when I sing

And it was true; the only ones there who gave a damn about her were Alfie and Jeb, and they didn’t even know who she really was.

Here in these

Deep city lights

Girl could get lost tonight

I’m finding

Every reason to get gone

Nothing here to hold on to

Could I hold you?

She didn’t know what to do, who to turn to, where she could run. She knew she needed Cain, but that was it. No one saw her for who she really was.

Calling out

Somebody save me

I feel like I’m

Fading away

Am I gone?

Calling out

Somebody save me

I feel like I’m


She was fading; fading from existence; no one even cared…she needed help, a hand to hold, something to help her cling to the Zone…Cain. She closed her eyes with the last lines.

There’s nothing here

To hold on to

Could I hold you?

With the last four words, she looked for Cain to make it a plea, but he was gone. Her voice nearly cracked as she bid farewell to her faithful audience.

          “Thanks for comin’ out tonight, ya’ll. Have a good week, hope to see all ya’ll next Friday.” And with that, she all but ran off stage, crashing headlong into Cain.

          “Oh, sorry, didn’t see you there. Excuse me.” She said quickly, moving to the side.

          Cain’s face bore an unreadable expression, one she recognized as his way of hiding his emotions completely and utterly; the expression he had worn right after they had seen Adora’s grave; right after he had been crying. He grasped her forearms firmly. “Come on, Princess, I’m taking you back.” He said, his tone matching his face.

          DG took a deep, shuddery breath and gave him the most furious expression she could muster which really wasn’t much. “Look, I don’t know what your problem is, but leave me the hell alone!

          “Don’t play games with me, Princess.” He growled.

          “I don’t have time for this. Jeb!” she called.


The effect was instantaneous. The moment Jeb’s name was uttered, Cain’s grip slackened their death grip on her arms and she broke free. Weaving her way through the backstage area, she bolted to the stage door. Jeb moved to stop her but she cut him off.

“Jeb, your dad’s gone psycho trying to get me! I don’t know what his problem is, but he’s seriously freaking me out! I’ve got to get away from him!”

Jeb looked confused, but he moved from the doorway and DG darted through, heedless of Cain’s shouts for her to stop. Breathless, she stepped into an alley and popped back to her room.


Chapter Three


          Still breathing hard, DG quickly undid her disguise, paling her skin, curling and darkening her hair, and rounding her face. As quickly as she could, she changed out of her dress and into her pajamas: a plain black cami and a pair of black and pink happy bunny pants. As she scrubbed the makeup off her face, she tried to slow her breathing. Running a comb through her now-black hair, she sighed as she thought back to her encounter with Cain. When she was singing, she could have sworn he actually cared about her. But then when he talked to her afterwards, he had made it blatantly obvious that she was a chore, and an unruly, exasperating one at that. The false hope had hurt more then the initial pain. DG took a shuddery breath, threw the brush down she had been attacking her hair with and strode out onto her balcony to try and calm down. In her hysterics, she didn’t hear Cain come into her room, didn’t see him standing silently in the doorframe of her balcony. Softly, sadly, DG began to sing.

Say you’re sorry

That face of an angel

Comes out

Just when you need it to

As I paced

Back and forth

All this time

‘Cause I honestly believed in you

Holding on

 The days drag on

Stupid girl

 I should’ve known

I should’ve known


I’m not a princess

DG gave a short, hysterical laugh at the irony of that statement.

This ain’t a fairytale

I’m not the one

You sweep off her feet

Lead her up the stairwell

This ain’t Hollywood

This is a small town

I was a dreamer before

You went and let me down

Now it’s too late

For you and your white horse

DG gave another laugh, bitter this time as she remembered Cain riding up to save her on a gorgeous white stallion. 

To come around


Maybe I was naïve

Got lost in your eyes

And never really had a chance

My mistake

I didn’t know

To be in love

You had to fight to have the upper hand

I had so many dreams

About you and me

Happy endings

But now I know


I’m not a princess

This ain’t a fairytale

I’m not the one

You sweep off her feet

Lead her up the stairwell

This ain’t Hollywood

This is a small town

I was a dreamer before

You went and let me down

Now it’s too late

For you and your white horse

To come around


And there you are on your knees

Begging for forgiveness

Begging for me

DG didn’t see Cain sink to the ground, didn’t hear him moan softly, didn’t see the sheer, heartbroken agony on his face.

Just like I always wanted

But I’m so sorry


‘Cause I’m not your princess

This ain’t a fairytale

I’m gonna find someone someday

Who might actually treat me well

This is a big world

That was a small town

There in my rearview mirror

Disappearing now

And it’s too late

For you and your white horse

Now it’s too late

For you and your white horse

To catch me now

She didn’t see him straighten up and furiously scrub away the tears on his face and eyes,

Oh, try and catch me now!

didn’t hear him as he silently walked to her bedroom door.

It’s too late to catch me now

Nor did she hear the door open and shut.


          It was then that she decided: she would leave the following night.





Cain/DG never let me go

DG/Cain letter

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My dearest DG

          The war is long, and the men grow weary and disheartened. The only thing that keeps me from losing my mind is you. I hope to return to you soon, but I fear that this time apart will never end. But don’t loose heart, for if you do, all will be lost: I left my heart with you. “Thou art fair, my bonnie lass, so deep in love am I, and I will love thee still my dear, till all the seas run dry.” You know I am no good with words; those are the words of the poet Robert Burns.

          It’s true, DG: I don’t know when along the road, but some time after you returned my heart to me, you took it back. Yet, it doesn’t hurt this time, for you did not shatter it, merely took it for safe keeping. Safe it is, for I know you will keep it in good condition, perhaps even repair it to finer condition then it was ever in before.

          I am eager to return, my love, for even if you don’t feel as I do, to simply see your face will be a gift. Even if you don’t love me, my heart will still be yours.


Forever your Tin Man,

                                                                                 Wyatt Cain

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Chapter 6/?


“Bye mum, dad, Mickey. See you…whenever! You know how it is!” Rose said, laughing as she made her way towards the TARDIS.

“I still don’t know how you can stand that thing, no offense boss.” Mickey said, eying the TARDIS warily.

“Guess you never will.” Rose laughed as she hugged them each goodbye. “Oh, and mum? Please give me a call when my little brother or sister is going to come, would you? Love you all!” she called as she stepped into the TARDIS and away from the life that she would never again be satisfied with.

“So, where to first?” Rose asked the Doctor, grinning.

“Actually, I’m not quite sure where we’ll be going once we hit our native universe.” He said, scratching his head.

“That would be my call.” Alikinala said, laughing as she swung down from the coral rafters, her long chestnut hair swinging merrily. “Rose, you’d better go put on the prettiest dress you can find-I’m assuming you know where the uh ‘costume room’ is, right?-and bro, tell me you have something nicer to wear then that. Please tell me you do because if you don’t, you’ll look drab next to Rose.”

“Sorry, what?” the Doctor asked, clueless.

Alikinala rolled her eyes. “Rose? Tell me you have at least a faint idea of what’s going on here.”

“Not really.” Rose admitted.

“Oh, come on! Formal clothes? Unknown location? One man and one woman? Has to do with eating at a fancy restaurant? Come on, put it together Rose!” Alikinala cried, exasperated. Rose grinned. The Doctor still looked confused.

“I think I get it.” Rose said, laughing.

“Then go get changed, both of you!” Alikinala said, grinning.


Ten minutes later, Rose walked back into the main room. Alikinala raised her eyebrows.

“Nice.” She said appreciatively.


Both women turned to see the Doctor standing there looking surprised and pleased at the same time.

“That’s what you wore the night we met Charles Dickens.” He said, still staring.

Rose blushed. “Yeah.”

“I, uh…” he broke off.

“Translation: You looked fantastic then and you look a thousand times better now.” Alikinala said, shaking her head at her brother’s hopelessness.

Rose blushed harder, unable to meet the Doctor’s eyes. Instead, she turned to Alikinala.

“So, where are we going?” she asked.

“I’d tell you, but I can’t pronounce the name. Some fancy French restaurant.” She said, grinning. “And, we just arrived. Have fun you two.”

“Wait, you’re not coming?” the Doctor asked.

Alikinala and Rose both grinned. “Sorry, the concept of ‘dating’ was never all that clear to him.” Alikinala said to Rose, laughing.

“Oi!” he said indignantly. “What?”

“Never mind. Have fun.” Alikinala said, laughing as she shooed them out the door.


Once she was alone, Alikinala went off in search of her old room. She wandered through hallway after hallway. Finally she came to the door. She placed her hand on the door and it melted away before her. She flicked on the light and sighed. Everything was covered in dust. It took a while, but eventually she got off all the dust. She smiled at her old room. Posters of all kinds of things papered her walls, her bed was just as she had left it-unmade-and her bookshelves were full. She smiled.

“It’s good to be home.” She murmured.

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Chapter 4/?


Iliania glanced at Rose and asked, “What is it?”

“Well, when I was a boy, my older sister gave me this. She was a Time Lord, but not by birth. She was adopted by my parents before I was born, and she was turned into a Time Lord. She had all the abilities of a Time Lord, but she had more because she wasn’t genetically a Time Lord. You see, the Time Lords can turn into a human if they need to. They store all their memories in a fob watch like this one. Time Lords need a machine to do this, but my sister didn’t. When I was a boy, she gave me her fob watch and told me to hold on to it for her. She said that one day she might need to turn into a human, and she wanted me to hold onto the watch for her. That no matter what happened, even if she died, not to let go of the watch. She said that one day when she was dead and gone, if I ever met someone that somehow reminded me of her, that I should give them the watch and tell them to open it. If, somehow, the person was her, she would regain her memories, and if they weren’t, then nothing would happen. I know I’m just being foolish, but…” his voice trailed off.

“It’s ok. Never give up hope.” Iliania said quietly.

She took the watch in her hands and stood up. It felt warm in her palm and somehow familiar, like an old friend. She studied the watch carefully. Well, here goes nothing. She thought bitterly and she opened the watch. There was a blinding flash of light that went on and on and on. Iliania couldn’t take her eyes off the watch. Then as soon as it had started, it ended. She looked around.

“Iliania?” the Doctor asked uncertainly.

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten my name already.” She said, grinning.

“You mean…” his voice trailed off as he stood up.

“It’s good to be back, bro. Thanks for holding on to that watch for me after all this time.” Iliania said joyously as she threw her arms around her brother and hugged a member of her family for the first time in far to long.

“Rose, I’m proud to introduce you to my sister, Alikinala.” The Doctor said, grinning, happier then he’d been in eight hundred years.

“Older sister, bro. And by a good hundred years too. Don’t think I’d let that go after eight hundred years.” Alikinala said, grinning broadly.

“Older sister. Fine. You don’t look it, though.” He said.

“Fair enough. But what are you doing here on this god-forsaken rock-no offense, Rose-instead of on Galafrey?” she asked, still grinning merrily.

His smile faded. “You mean you don’t know? Galafrey is gone. We lost the Time War.”

“What? What Time War? What are you-oh, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.” Alikinala moaned.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” he asked desperately.

“I remember. Oh god, I remember!” She breathed. And then she collapsed into a sobbing mass on the floor.

The Doctor put his arms around her, comforting her as best he could. Rose just sat there looking confused. He sat there with his long-lost elder sister in his arms, rocking her back and forth, soothing her as best he could. Finally she stopped sobbing and looked him in the eye and said,

“It’s my fault Galafrey fell. It’s all my fault.”

“What are you talking about? It’s no ones fault! If you have to blame anyone, blame the Daleks!” he cried.

“No, bro, it’s my fault entirely. I wasn’t there. I failed you. I failed everyone.” Alikinala moaned, burying her face in his shoulder.

Gently, the Doctor pushed her away so that he was looking her in the eye and said quietly, “If you are going to insist on it being your fault, then at least explain why.”

“Alright. For your sake, Rose, I’ll start at the very beginning. I was born on Bendara, a world where some people, known as benders, could bend one of the four elements. Water, Earth, Fire, or Air. Well, in my time only Water, Earth, and Fire remained, but that’s another story entirely. Well, I was born in the Earth Kingdom. My parents were happy, I was happy. No one in my family had ever been a bender, but that didn’t bother anybody because not everyone had the gift. Anyway, we were all happy. That is, until I turned five. Then weird things started happening. I’d be wandering around the house in my five-year-old way when I’d vanish before my parents’ eyes. I’d reappear seconds, minutes, sometimes even hours later. At first, my parents panicked. Then they decided to ignore it, blame it on failing eyesight. They managed to put it down to the same thing when they’d see several me’s at the same time. They couldn’t explain it so they didn’t’ try to, they just ignored it. Or so it seemed.

“Meanwhile, I was oblivious to the whole thing. I found it to be perfectly natural. But then one night, I couldn’t sleep, so I slid out of bed to go tell my parents. I was about to knock on their door when I heard them talking. Talking about me. They were plotting to get rid of me. I was scaring them, you see. They couldn’t understand what was happening to me, so they decided to get rid of me. Take me to the city for a ‘vacation’ then abandon me. I went from five to fifteen in an instant. I walked silently back to my room, packed my bags and left. I hit the streets and there I lived for over a year. Living on the streets is incredibly hard for anyone, but for a five-year-old all on her own, it’s murder. Getting food wasn’t too terribly difficult. Most of the time all I had to do was stick out my lip and beg and I was given a humongous plate of delicious hot food. It was avoiding trouble that was the hard part.

“It was boys, mostly. Boys that got bored and decided to have a bit of fun by throwing rocks at me, beating me up, chasing me, you get the picture. Then one night, I had a dream. I dreamed that I could bend Water, Earth, Fire, and Air all flawlessly. I didn’t find out that somehow I actually could until a few days later. The boys were throwing rocks at me, but somehow they all missed me. Then suddenly, the rocks started launching themselves back at the boys. Just like in my dream. Well, the boys didn’t bother me again, which was great, but that wasn’t what the most fantastic and unbelievable part. Somehow I had become the next Avatar. You see, on Bendara, in order to keep the balance, there is an Avatar, one person why can bend all of the elements. Somehow I had become the Avatar. But even that wasn’t the most shocking part. You see, in the past, long, long, long distant past, there had been a fifth element. Space. The Space Naratans had long since vanished for no apparent reason. They had vanished so long ago that there weren’t even legends about them anymore. I only knew about them, knew that I was one of them, because it came in a dream. I learned of my destiny through dreams. I was the Avatar. I had to keep the balance.

“Then, one morning when I was six, I awoke to a loud mechanical grinding sound. Before me, an odd blue box appeared before me and two people stepped out of it. The spotted me and came towards me. I didn’t even cringe. They looked at me. Then one of them said quietly, ‘Hello. What’s your name?’ I looked up at them and said quite calmly, ‘I’m Alikinala. Who are you?’ they looked at each other then said, ‘We’re visitors. Are your parents around?’ I suppose I must have looked quite amused because one of them asked me, ‘What’s so funny?’ ‘I haven’t seen my parents in about a year, that’s all.’ They both looked quite shocked. ‘Well then who takes care of you?’ one of them asked. ‘I do.’ I said simply. At that, they looked quite horrified. Then, they looked at each other again, and the first one said, ‘Would you like to come with us?’ and I said, ‘Should I?’ I hadn’t been the trusting type since my parents decided to leave me like that, but still, I wanted more then anything to be loved and cared for. ‘That’s up to you. You’re welcome to if you want.’ The second one said. I looked at them both and said, ‘I don’t even know who you are. Why should I trust you?’ They then told me that they were Time Lords and that I was more then welcome to come and live with them. The Time Lords were always so kind, so innocent. Once a Time War was over, they just seemed to forget what cruelty was. I could just sense that they were pure innocence. Don’t ask me how or why, I don’t know. But that doesn’t make it any less true. Pure good, pure innocent, and until a Time War started, purely ignorant of the cruelty and hardships that the multi-verse contains. But, going past all that anecdotal stuff, I grew up. I came to understand and accept my destiny. At first, they-meaning my new parents-would escort me to and from Bendara and Galafrey so that I could not only keep up with my cultural roots, but also come to realize the full extent of my destiny. I soon found that I had to balance my new family with my destiny which, as easy as it sounds, is really not easy at all. But then, as I grew older, I soon traveled on my own. By that time I had a younger brother to keep track of-and avoid-which made my already full schedule even more hectic. No offence, bro, but you weren’t exactly a perfect little brother when you were younger. Well soon, my regular trips to and from Bendara became fantastic. They made me feel more alive then ever before. I loved my destiny, even though it was often demanding. But then, one day, as I was flying over one of Bendara’s more beautiful tropical oceans, a great storm arose out of nowhere. Now, normally, this would have been no problem as I could bend water and air perfectly, but there was something that seemed to prevent me from controlling it; I sank below the waves. Then, my Avatar Spirit took hold of me and I surrounded my self in a sphere of ice and sunk to the ocean floor. Then later, at the time I didn’t know just how long I had been gone for, I emerged. I thought that I had been gone for a maximum of a week or so. I flew over the great lands of Bendara, patrolling as usual when I looked down and almost fell out of the air in shock. There was nothing left. All the wondrous cities and nations of Bendara were gone, not so much as a hint that they’d ever been there. I panicked and raced home to try to find out what had happened.”

Alikinala stopped here, consumed with tears. She sobbed harder then before, and her brother put his arms around her consolingly. Rose looked on, an expression of confusion and a bit of pain covering her face, but they didn’t notice. Finally, Alikinala pulled herself together enough to continue.

“Nothing was left on Bendara. I only wish I could say the same of Galafrey. The wreckage was indescribable. There were shells of Daleks, destroyed buildings, and dust. All the Time Lords, reduced to dust. There weren’t even skeletons left anymore. I panicked, hoping desperately that I would find someone, that someone would shake me awake from the dreadful nightmare. I felt for you, bro. You, mum, dad, anyone. But there was no one. No one! All the Time Lords, their kingdom, their legacy, all reduced to dust. And it’s all my fault! I wasn’t there! I didn’t stop it! If I had been there, I would have destroyed the Daleks, each and every one of them. But I wasn’t there! I wasn’t there to stop the war. If I had been, they’d still be alive. It’s my fault. It’s all my fault.” By now Alikinala had stopped crying. She just sat there, empty.

“It’s not your fault, Als. Don’t be ridiculous. It wasn’t your fault you were trapped in a bloody iceberg. I’m just glad you’re alive.” The Doctor said, grinning despite the painful and bitter topic.

“I knew you were going to say that. Sorry, bro, but that doesn’t change a thing.” Alikinala said bitterly. “But can we please stop talking about that now? I really don’t want to think about it.”

“Sure, Als. Of course.” He said softly.

“Rose, are you ready for dinner?” Jackie’s voice said her voice faint.

Rose glanced at them. “You two hungry?” she asked.

“A bit, yeah.” Alikinala said, her brother nodding in agreement.

“Yeah, mum. Two guests tonight as well.” Rose yelled back.


Chapter 5/?


“So, you’re his sister?” Jackie asked over dinner.

“Yes.” Alikinala said shortly, taking a sip of the Coke she’d been given.

“You never mentioned that you had a younger sister, Doctor.” Jackie said accusingly.

“I’m his elder sister, actually. I know I don’t look it, but I’m his elder by a good hundred years. And there’s a good reason that he didn’t mention me. He thought me dead, as I him. You don’t bring up painful topics if you can avoid them, Jackie. You of all people should know that.” Alikinala said coldly.

“You don’t look older.” Jackie said suspiciously.

Leave it to Jackie to go for the petty details. The Doctor thought at Alikinala, rolling his eyes. Alikinala grinned. Beats the other awkward questions she could have asked, though. She thought back at him. One of the first of her abilities that had returned was the ability to telepathically communicate. With her brother came first, with other people was still weak.

“I know I don’t look it, Jackie. But, if it makes you happy,” Alikinala closed her eyes and concentrated. Suddenly, she morphed into a beautiful young woman, her true (and most personally preferred) form. She wasn’t entirely sure that it had worked as she hadn’t tried it until then until she opened her eyes to see them all, including her brother, staring at her. She smiled, surveying herself in the back of her spoon. “Well, that went better then I expected.” She said, smiling.

“Good to have you back, Als.” The Doctor said, grinning happily.

“Remember that time at the shops on Bendara when I pretended to be a scary old woman and chased you back to Mum and Dad?” she asked, laughing.

“And then as soon as I got back to them, you changed back, taped me on the shoulder, whispered ‘Got ya!’ and then ran off.” he replied, laughing even harder.

“I couldn’t look you in the eyes for weeks for fear of laughing at you!” she laughed hysterically.

Rose laughed too, used to the Doctor’s odd moments, but her heart didn’t seem to be in it. The Doctor didn’t notice. Jackie and Pete stared at them.

“What?” Pete asked, confused.

“Come on, Pete, don’t tell me you didn’t pull pranks on your siblings.” The Doctor said, still grinning. Pete shrugged and went back to his cake.

Rose got up from the table, muttering something about being finished. Alikinala could feel that something was wrong. A few seconds after Rose had left, she got up too, saying that she was going to find the bathroom.

“Third door on the right.” Pete called after her.

Alikinala followed Rose to her room.

“What’s wrong, Rose?” she asked gently.

“Nothing.” Rose said coldly.

“I’m not thick, Rose, I know you’re mad about something, and I have a feeling that you’re mad at me. I told you before, I’m not out to replace you. I’m his sister. I love him like the stupid little brother that he is to me. But we’re different, Rose. You wouldn’t say that you love your mum the same way that your dad does, would you? It’s the same sort of thing. He’s my brother and he loves you, Rose.” She said gently.

“He didn’t know that until after he met you. Until after you traveled with him.” Rose said coldly.

“But even then, we were just friends. Both of us knew that was all we were. All we’d ever be.” Alikinala said, pleading.

“That doesn’t change the fact that I’m replaceable.” She said bitterly.

“But you’re not, Rose. When my brother found that he was alone, the last of the Time Lords, he was indescribably upset, and that doesn’t even begin to cover it. Losing you was right up there next to losing the Time Lords on the Misery Meter. No exaggeration.” Alikinala said quietly.

“Right. And I’m supposed to believe that?” Rose said sarcastically.

“It’s the truth!” Alikinala cried.


“I’m serious!”

“No you’re not.”

“I am!”

“And why should I believe that?”

“If you’re so determined that I’m making it all up, then answer me this: why would I go to all this trouble just to lie to you?”

“Because…” Rose’s voice trailed off.

“Why?” Alikinala asked, determined.

They were both silent for a moment. “Well?” Alikinala asked.

“Just because, ok?”

“No, it’s not ok! My brother loves you more deeply then anyone else ever could! I will not let anyone hurt him. Not again.” She said quietly.

They were silent for a while longer, then, “He really loves me?”

“More then you know. More then you’ll ever know.”

“But he never said…”

“He never got the chance until it was too late. Now don’t you dare crush him again. Rose Tyler, don’t you ever dare to even think about it. Never. Never ever ever.”

“So…” Rose’s voice broke off uncertainly.

“I’m not out to replace you.” Alikinala said, grinning.

“Now what?” Rose asked, still looking clueless.

“Now, the TARDIS is calling your name. You’d better get packing!”



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Chapter 3/?


As they traveled from universe to universe making pit stops, Iliania couldn’t help having a feeling of foreboding. She couldn’t explain it, but it just wouldn’t leave. The Doctor certainly wasn’t having any second thoughts. He was just pushing buttons, pulling levers, jumping about, and talking a mile a minute about Rose. But then Iliania got a flash of memory from the Doctor. She couldn’t explain it, she wasn’t in contact with him, he was clear on the other side of the room, but she still got it. It was a long-buried memory of Rose. His most recent memory, his most painful. The time that he had had to say goodbye. It certainly explained her feeling of foreboding. He had promised that he would keep traveling alone. Now Iliania was here. Sure, they were getting Rose back, but how would she take Iliania’s presence? The Doctor’s broken promise. No doubt badly, but just how badly? Iliania shook her head to get rid of the thought. They were going to rescue Rose. That was great. There was nothing to worry about. Then there was one last violent bump, and the Doctor cried, “We’re here!” and bolted out the TARDIS door. Iliania forced a smile and followed him.

“So, how are we going to find her?” she asked.

“Wait for it. Wait for it. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Now.” And as he said it, the young woman she had seen in her flash ran around the corner, closely followed by an older woman that Iliania supposed must be her mother, a man who must be her father, and a young man who must be her boyfriend or something. The young woman, Rose, cried, “Doctor!” and ran into his open arms. They both looked so happy. Her parents and the other young man looked like they didn’t know what to think. Her mother and-Mickey?-looked like they had known the Doctor long enough to be hurt deeply by him, most likely through sort of loosing Rose, and her father looked like he had heard stories, but hadn’t often met the genuine article.

“I thought I’d never see you again!” Rose said through her tears.

“So did I.” the Doctor admitted sheepishly. “But I’m here all thanks to my dear friend Iliania. Iliania, this is Rose, Jackie, Pete, and, of course, Mickey. Everyone, this is Iliania.”

Rose took a step backwards, pain shining in her red-rimmed eyes. “You promised.” She whispered then she turned and ran. The others glared at the Doctor and Iliania and followed her.

“What happened? Why is she so angry? I thought she’d be happy.” He said aloud. Iliania could tell he was forcing back the tears that had been threatening him for days.

“It’s my fault, not yours. She’s furious at me, at herself. She just decided to take it out on you because she couldn’t admit to herself that she believed. It was just a big misunderstanding, but it doesn’t make it any less painful.” Iliania said quietly.

“But what? What did she misunderstand?” he asked, bewildered.

“Your promise. You promised that you’d travel alone, no one else after her.” Iliania said quietly.

“But this is different. I have to go after her.”

“No. You can’t.”

“But I have to! I didn’t come all this way only to turn back now.”

“You misunderstand me. You can’t go after her. I have to.” Iliania said quietly.

“I don’t exactly think that she’d be open to you right now.”

“Which is exactly why I have to do this. You stay back at the TARDIS. Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be back. We’ll be back.” Iliania said firmly.

“Alright.” He said quietly.



After hopelessly trying to find her, Iliania walked into a small shop and asked one of the young men working there for directions. “Excuse me, sir, but could you please tell me where Rose Tyler lives? She left her wallet at the café I work at, and I need to return it to her.” Iliania lied.

“Of course. She’s quite a wealthy young lady thanks to her father. She lives at the mansion over there. See it?” he asked, pointing towards the biggest house Iliania had ever seen.

“Yes, thank you.” Iliania said sweetly.

As she neared the house, Iliania took a deep breath. I can do this. Just ring the bell and ask to see Rose Tyler. Say that it’s urgent. It’s not that hard. You can do it. You have to do this. Iliania rang the bell and almost immediately the door was opened by a man in a suit.

“Can I help you?” he asked, staring down at her like she certainly wasn’t worth his time, but Iliania ignored this. She got that look from her teachers all the time.

“Yes, please. I need to speak to Rose Tyler. It’s urgent.” Iliania said as calmly as she could.

“Miss Tyler has asked not to be disturbed.” He said coldly.

“That’s just it, sir. There was a terrible misunderstanding between us and I really need to apologize in person. Please.” Iliania said desperately, looking him in the eye and fixing him with her most pitiful look. She could feel him beginning to loosen.

“Fine. But don’t say I didn’t warn you. This way please.”

He led her up a giant winding staircase through a series of hallways to a large wooden door. He knocked on the door and said politely, “Miss Tyler, a young lady is here to see you. She says it’s urgent.” And with that, he turned and walked away without waiting for a reply.

“Go away.” Said a sad voice.

“Please, Rose. It’s Iliania. I really need to talk to you. Please.” Iliania begged.

There was a huge sigh, then, “Fine.”

Tentatively, Iliania opened the door and stepped inside. She saw Rose sitting on a couch in the middle of the room, her mother with her arms around her, glaring at Iliania. Rose sniffed loudly and said,

“Mum, could you give us a moment?”

“Are you sure?” she asked, still glaring at Iliania.

“I’m sure, Mum.” Rose said.

“Alright then.” She said, walking out of the room and shutting the door behind her.

“What do you want?” Rose asked coldly.

“I want to apologize. I know you knew and loved the Doctor. I also know that he promised that no one would come after you. But when he promised you that, didn’t you mean romantically?”  Iliania asked.

“Yes.” Rose said coldly.

“Well, number one, I’m fourteen and the oldest guy I’d be interested in would be sixteen, and even that’s pushing it. Over nine hundred years old? So not! And number two, the Doctor never stopped missing and loving you. He never actually got a chance to say it, but he really does love you, Rose. When I met him, he was broken. Like me. Even when I told him I knew how to get you back, he didn’t want to believe it because he couldn’t bear to get his hopes up. He couldn’t take being crushed again. This was a major misunderstanding. I’m really sorry about that, but he loves you Rose. Don’t break him again by pushing him away.” Iliania pleaded.

“Why do you care, anyway?” she asked, though her voice seemed more sad and broken then cold.

“Because he’s all I’ve got. It would break him if you pushed him away, and then I wouldn’t have anyone.” Iliania said quietly.

“What do you mean, ‘he’s all you’ve got’? You’ve goy your parents, your friends, you’ve got more then just him.” she said, the ice creeping back into her voice.

“I haven’t. I grew up in an orphanage. I haven’t had a friend since I was three when word got out at school that I lived in an orphanage. That turned everyone away. Even my teachers hate me no matter how well I do in school. I only ever had one friend since then, and she died when I was eleven.” Iliania said quietly, and suddenly the tears hit her like a wave. All the pain she had been holding in for years, all the pain that she didn’t even know she had came out in a flood. Iliania was sobbing hysterically, Rose didn’t know what to do about it so she just handed her a tissue. It soon became clear that the tissue was useless, so Rose just put her arms around Iliania and held her soothingly. Suddenly the Doctor was there. He knelt town beside her and put a hand on knee and said quietly,

“It’s alright now, Iliania. You’re with friends, now.”

Iliania sat up, wiped her eyes and said bitterly,

“If only I knew what that meant.”

“It means you’re safe. You have nothing to fear anymore. We’re here for you. Forever.” Rose said quietly.

“Does this mean you don’t hate me anymore, Rose?” the Doctor asked hopefully, pain still lining his face.

“Definitely.” Rose and Iliania answered simultaneously.

“Brilliant!” he cried and Rose and Iliania both laughed.

“Iliania, there’s something I need to show you.” the Doctor said more seriously.

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Chapter 2/?


Once they’d slipped out of the school, he started talking a mile a minute.

“You have to understand that traveling with me can be dangerous. That Absorbanite you met is nothing. I mean nothing compared to what we’ll find.”

“I’m cool with that. Anywhere’s better then there, remember?” Iliania said calmly, raising an eyebrow.

He led her over to a large blue wooden box with the words ‘Police Public Call Box’ written in white over the door. The Doctor produced a key from his pocket and unlocked the door and stepped inside. Iliania stepped in after him and surveyed the interior. She saw the Doctor mouthing the words ‘it’s bigger in the inside then on the outside’ mockingly and she turned to face him, amused.

“I’m sorry, did you say something?” she asked, grinning.

“It’s just, most people have a reaction to the TARDIS.” He said, looking slightly hurt.

Iliania surveyed the interior again and said approvingly, “Sweet. This is just the opposite of my locker. It’s bigger on the inside rather then smaller.”

The Doctor laughed. “Too true. So, where do you want to go first?”

“What, backwards or forwards in time? To another planet? To another galaxy?” Iliania asked calmly.

“Exactly. How did you know?” he asked, looking a bit put out.

“TARDIS. Time And Relative Dimension In Space.” Iliania answered simply.

“But how did you know that?” he asked, confused.

“I dunno, I just did.” Iliania said, bewildered.

“Anyway, where do you want to go?” he asked, shaking off the unfamiliar feeling of confusion.

“You choose.”

“It’s your first time, you choose.”

“I choose for you to choose.”

“And I choose for you to choose. Now choose!”

“Fine. I choose Galafrey. Galafrey in its prime.”

There was a silence in which no one spoke. The Doctor just stared at her, his face an awful blend of confusion, panic, outrage, and above all, pain, unimaginable pain. Finally, he spoke.

“How do you know about Galafrey?” he asked quietly.

“I don’t know. I guess I just got it when I felt your vibes. Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. I’m really sorry.” Iliania said quietly.

“Don’t be.” He said just as quietly.

“I’m really freaking you out, aren’t I? You can send me back if you need to. Maybe I’m just not cut out for this.” She said quietly, sadly.

“Well, I can’t deny that you’re beginning to confuse me, but as for not being cut out for this, it’s quite the opposite. You’re more cut out for this then any human I’ve ever met.” He said, mystified.

“That’s quite the complement, coming from a Time Lord like yourself.”

“How did you-” he began.

“Let’s not ask that question anymore, ok?” Iliania said, grimacing.

“Fair enough. So where do you want to go first?” he asked, grinning.

“To rescue Rose.” Iliania said firmly.

His face froze, the picture of agony. “That’s impossible.”

“Actually, I don’t think it is. Have you got any Tinker Toys?” Iliania asked.

“What?” he asked incredulously.

“Seriously. I need it for a model I need to make in order to show you that it’s possible. At least I think it’s possible. So, have you got any?” she asked bossily.

“I might. Come on, lets go look.” he said resignedly.

After traveling through a labyrinth of hallways and staircases, they reached a small storage room. The Doctor stepped into the room and produced a giant tin of Tinker Toys.

“Here. Come on, lets go find a table that you can work at.” He said, leading her back through the labyrinth to a large round table surrounded by stools.

“Great, thanks. If you come back in about five minutes, I’ll have the model ready.” Iliania said cheerfully.

“Great.” He said quietly, walking away.

Iliania watched him go, again her heart went out to him, but she told herself to focus. She knew that she could help him most by getting Rose back. After at least ten minutes later, the Doctor walked in to find Iliania sitting at the table, a giant sphere made from the Tinker Toys before her. She saw him standing there, and beckoned for him to come over.

“Ok, look. This is a vague, and frankly incredibly inaccurate model of the Universe, but it works. See, the circle things represent the universes. You see, they’re all the same, but if you really look at them, you can see that they’re actually really different, as is the case for actual alternate universes. And the stick things that connect the circles represent the bridges between universes. Now this one here is this universe, and this one is the universe is the one that Rose is stuck in. the bridge between these two is very weak, see?” Iliania pointed out all the cuts she had made in the stick. “This means that if someone, like us, tries to go to that universe, the bridge will break and both universes will be filled with Daleks and Cybermen and will collapse. Am I right so far?” she asked.

“Yes, but how do you know all this? I didn’t tell you any of this!” he cried desperately.

“I thought we’d agreed not to ask that question, remember? But I am right so far?”  she asked again.

“Yes.” He said resignedly. “But I still don’t see where you’re going with this.”

“I’m getting there. Anyway, if we try to go through, the bridge will break.” Iliania snapped the stick in two to prove her point. “But, in their prime, Time Lords used to travel from universe to universe without a problem. Now the problem is just power, right?” Iliania asked.

“That and the weak bridge. But I’m not even going to bother asking how you know this.” He said with a sigh.

“Glad to see that you’re learning. But the weak bridge wouldn’t be a problem with sufficient power. Why? Because we can hop from universe to universe to universe, basically taking a major detour, but I think it’s doable. What do you think?” she asked hopefully.

“Power is still a definite problem.” He said coldly.

Iliania felt so sorry for him. She could see that he was being so distant and cold to shield himself from the pain, from the empty hope of a way away from the pain. She could see it plain as day, mainly from looking in the mirror.

“Power shouldn’t be a problem because of the rift in Cardiff. It acts as a power source for the TARDIS, right? And it’s in every universe in the same place, right? That makes power not a problem! We can rescue Rose!” she cried.

“You really think so?” he asked, a faint glimmer of hope in his broken eyes.

“I most certainly do, don’t you?” Iliania said, smiling.

“Well then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” he yelled joyously, dashing from the room.

“Doctor, wait.” Iliania called after him.

“What is it?” he asked, sticking his head back in the room.

“It’s just, once we find her,” her voice trailed off.

“What is it?” he asked gently, walking over to her.

“Just promise me one thing.” She said quietly.

“Anything.” He said.

“Once we find her, don’t drop me like a rock, ok?” she asked, hoping against hope that her voice wouldn’t crack.

“I promise.” He said, giving her a one armed hug. “Now let’s go rescue Rose!”

“Yes. Let’s go rescue Rose.” Iliania echoed, following him out of the room.


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Chapter 1/?


“What is your problem, Iliania? Why won’t you learn?” she asked furiously.

“I’m not sure, Miss.” Iliania said quietly, looking at the floor.

“You’re going to be late for your next class. Just go.” She said, turning away exasperatedly.

“Yes, miss.” Iliania said, walking out of the classroom.

          She doesn’t understand. No one ever understands. Iliania thought bitterly as she walked down the hall. Suddenly there came a scream from the room she had just left. Iliania turned and ran back to the classroom. There before her stood the most horrible thing she had ever seen, even including the school lunches.

          It was at least eight feet tall, green and slimy, a thin, wiry black ponytail hung from its head. Yet somehow it still looked vaguely humanoid. Its hands had horrible grey claws protruding from its stubby fingers. It was grinning horribly, and yet that wasn’t what held Iliania’s gaze. One of its horrid hands was on her teacher. And her teacher seemed to be fading into the creature. Her teacher gave one last pitiful cry before vanishing entirely. Her face then seemed to grow from the creature’s stomach, pushing through the skin. Then the creature gave a loud belch and said to the now empty room,

“She tastes like chicken!”  

          Iliania gave a small gasp of disgust, but she didn’t scream. She didn’t run. She didn’t move at all, but that wasn’t due to fear. She just stood there staring at the creature with disgusted interest. The creature turned toward her and said in a gravely voice,

“Well aren’t you a shrimpy little morsel.”

Iliania stepped out of the shadows into plain view and said quite calmly in a rather amused tone,

“Quite frankly, I don’t really think I’m all that tasty, sorry.”

The creature laughed throatily.

“I think I’ll be the judge of that!” it said, taking a step towards her.

“Look, I don’t mean to be rude, but what the heck are you?” Iliania asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Well, what do you think I am?” it asked.

“Well, seeing as you seem to have just absorbed my teacher-hi there-I suppose you must be some sort of absorber. An Absorbanite, Absorbatrix, Absorbalian, Absorbaloth. Which do you like best?” she asked conversationally.

“Absorbanite. Definitely.” It said amiably.

“Absorbanite. Great. Well, might I request that you free my teacher? This would be really hard to explain to my principal.” Iliania said calmly.

“’Fraid I can’t, sorry.”

“Can’t or won’t? There is a difference.”

“A bit of both. I can’t, but even if I could, I wouldn’t. ”

“And why not?”

“I’m hungry.”

“What, haven’t you ever heard of McDonalds?”

“Who’s that?”

“That’d be where. And the answer is just about everywhere. It’s a burger joint known and located around the world.” She explained in answer to his questioning look.

“I prefer humans.”

“I was afraid of that.” Iliania said grimly, her eyes straying to the ornate cane lying on the grown by her feet. She stooped and picked it up.

“Give that to me at once!” the Absorbanite roared, fear flashing across its face like wildfire.

“Oooh, important to you, is it?” she asked, taunting. “Big mistake there, buddy, letting me in on that little fact. Let’s see, it’s important to you, you absorb people through your skin, which must take a whole lot of power. You’d need to keep some sort of power near you at all times, but especially when you feed. So, my guess is that this is your own little generator. Am I right or am I right?” Iliania asked, looking at the thing, her eyes full of contempt and long buried pain.

“You’re wrong.”

“Of course I am.” Iliania said, rolling her eyes.

Iliania took the cane in her hands and stepped towards the Absorbanite. She raised the cane above her head as though to strike and the Absorbanite cringed in fear.

“Oh, don’t hurt me!”

“Yeah, like I’d fall for that one.” She said, rolling her eyes, but the brought the cane down anyway.

“You fool!” it roared.

At that, Iliania snapped the cane in two across her knee. The Absorbanite moaned. Iliania took the broken ends and jabbed them into the Absorbanite on either end. An eerie blue light crackled all around the Absorbanite and it started shrinking. As it shrunk, Iliania could see her teacher growing, coming back. As the light subsided and the Absorbanite dissolved into the floor, a man suddenly burst into the room, his face full of energy, his eyes full of pain. As he saw the Absorbanite disappear into the floor, he looked at Iliania in confusion.

“What happened? What did you do?” he asked, bewildered.

“You were late it what happened. I had to do your job for you.” she said, rolling her eyes. She turned to her teacher. “I don’t recommend telling anyone about this because they certainly won’t believe you, and they’ll probably lock you up in the nut-house.” And with that she strode towards the door. As she reached the man, she said quietly, gently, “I’m sorry for your loss, Doctor. Rose, wasn’t it? She doesn’t want you to be sad, though. She knows you couldn’t help it.” And she left the room, leaving the Doctor standing there, and uncharacteristic look of confusion dancing across his features.


Iliania sat in science class, copying down the warm up when the Doctor strode calmly into the class and took a seat at the back of the classroom as though it was the most normal thing in the world. Iliania’s eyes flashed furiously, but she went back to copying down her work. As her teacher walked in, he noticed the Doctor sitting at the back of the room.

“And just who might you be?” he asked angrily.

Iliania wasn’t sure how or why, but she could feel energy radiating from the Doctor. She wasn’t even sure how she knew who he was, but she just did. But she could feel within the energy, she could sense that he wasn’t sure just how to go about answering the question.

“He’s the principal of a small school in Russia. He’s visiting trying to find ways to improve his school as best he can because his school isn’t doing too well due to lack of government funding. He’s sitting in on random classes in the hopes that he can gather tips for improving his school.” Iliania lied calmly, not even glancing up from her work. The entire class was staring at her now, even the Doctor.

“And just how would you know that?” her teacher asked furiously.

  “Because he told me when he interviewed me about this school.” She said calmly.

“And what did you tell him?” he asked coldly.

“I told him that the schools around here are ok, but that a more

advanced curriculum, edible food, and better storage facilities would make vast improvements in the educational process.” She said, still copying down the warm up.

“Oh you did, did you?” he asked angrily.

“Yes I did. But would it be too bold to ask as to why you are

interrogating me instead of the man in question?” Iliania asked, finally looking up, one eyebrow raised, and meeting her teacher’s furious gaze.

“I-all right, you make a decent case. Is what she said true?” he asked the

Doctor argumentatively.

“Yes. Yes it is.” The Doctor said. Iliania could feel his gratitude flying

through the air on invisible currents. She shook her head and went back to her warm up.

“Well, let’s start presenting our projects on Are We Alive. Who wants to

go first?” he asked the class.

There was a murmur of unwillingness that went through the class at his

words, so Iliania raised her hand.

“I’ll go”

Well, here goes nothing. She thought bitterly as she stood up and strode to the front of the class.

          “Hi. I’m Iliania and I, just like you, have to give this presentation on Are We Alive? As I’m sure all of you discovered with minimum effort, we are, in fact, alive. Congratulations to us. I, however, looked up the word homeostasis on my own and realized something. Homeostasis: a state of equilibrium or a tendency to reach equilibrium, either metabolically within a cell or organism or socially and psychologically within an individual or group.  So, yeah, inside, as individuals, we are alive. Brilliant observation, huh? But, as a whole, as in each and every human being on earth together, as a group, we are far from achieving homeostasis. I mean, look at the population! We are growing out of control. There are wars, homicides, genocides, suicides, you name any bad thing and humanity’s got it. So would you say that human beings are achieving equilibrium? No. That means no homeostasis. So, as a whole, we are about as far from being alive as you can get. But what’s worse is that not only are we growing out of control, but we’re destroying our environment as we go. Humanity is a plague. We are doing more damage to the environment on our own then any other species in the history of the earth. Why, if we don’t stop now, we might even-”

          “Alright, Iliania, that’s more then enough out of you. Is there anyone in here that actually did the assignment I assigned?” her teacher asked impatiently.

          “Oh, I did the assignment.” Iliania said airily. “I just did a bit extra and decided to present the part that wouldn’t turn out to boringly repetitive. I’ve got the original assignment right here.” Iliania said, striding over to her teacher and handing him a small packet.

          “Very well, very well. Please return to your seat. Who else wants to go now?” he asked irritably.

          “Actually, I have a question for Miss Iliania. You seem to be rather anti-human. Why would that be?” The Doctor asked curiously.

          “She’s always like that, don’t pay any attention to her.” Her teacher said hurriedly.

          “I believe I asked Iliania, not you.” the Doctor said pleasantly. “Iliania?”

“I just wrote what I’ve learned from statistics and personal observations and experiences.” Iliania answered quietly, her eyes reflecting the pain she had held inside for far too long. Pain she didn’t even know about.

“I see.” The Doctor said calmly, his eyes the only sign of the pain and bewilderment he was experiencing.

The class went on and on, everyone presenting their reports one by one, each as boring and mundane as the one before. Iliania, however, wasn’t paying the slightest bit of attention. Her mind had wandered to the mysterious Doctor that seemed to keep popping up. Who is he? What is he doing here? Why does he keep following me? But more importantly, why-how-do I know him? I’d never seen him before, yet I knew that he was there to stop the Absorbanite. I’d never seen him before, but I knew that he’d just suffered a great loss. I was practically in his head, but how? Who is he? He seems almost afraid of me, but he’s not afraid of anything. Wait, how do I know that? What’s going on here?


The bell cut through the monotony like a knife, and everyone jumped. Then there was the sound of everyone scrambling to get to lunch before anyone else. Iliania just wanted to get out of there. Away from the man she knew so well yet not at all. She bolted from the classroom and only slowed when she was safely in the throng of the school hallway. As she entered the cafeteria, she made her way to her lonely table in the corner. No one ever sat with her at lunch. No one ever called her name, inviting her to sit with them. The most anyone ever did to acknowledge her existence was to shove their backpacks into all the empty seats at their table, making it painfully obvious that she was far from welcome there. But she no longer noticed. Iliania now knew that acknowledging the pain and humiliation did nothing but make it worse. So she sat by herself day after day after day, just staring off into space or occasionally reading a book. She was just sitting there, taking the occasional unenthusiastic bite of her sandwich when a voice broke through her thoughts.

“Is this seat taken?”

Iliania looked up with a start only to see the Doctor looking down at her with an unreadable expression. Recovering from her shock with as much dignity as she could muster, she said bitterly,

“Only if you don’t mind throwing away your only chance of ever being accepted here again.”

“I take it that’s a no. Brilliant.” He said amiably, sitting down.

“What do you want? Why do you insist on following me?” she asked desperately.

“What are you talking about? You’re the one who knew the impossible. This, by the way, is a characteristic I love in people. Mainly because I rarely encounter it.” He said, raising an eyebrow.

“Who are you, Doctor? Who are you?” Iliania whispered.

“You know the answer to that better then I do.” He answered just as quietly, but there was a shadow of bitterness in his tone that she couldn’t quite place, but it made her heart go out to him in a way that she couldn’t explain.

“I don’t know how I know what I do. This’ll sound crazy, but I just seem to get vibes from people. It sounds insane, like something from science fiction or fantasy, but I just seem to be able to, I dunno, feel people. It’s crazy, but I swear it’s true. Go ahead. Laugh. Chuck me in the loony bin.” Iliania said bitterly.
          “So what vibes do you get from me?” he asked quietly.

“It’s hard to tell. Pain, mostly. So much pain. But, there’s more, I just can’t quite-” Iliania involuntarily put her hand on his and gasped. It was as though she was actually in his head. There was a flash and she saw a beautiful young woman, tall, blonde, Iliania knew instinctively that this was Rose. Then the Doctor jerked is hand away and the connection was broken.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to-” Iliania began apologetically, but he cut her off.

“How did you do that?” he demanded, a mixture of panic and pain ringing in his hushed tone.

“I don’t know.” Iliania said honestly. “I’ve never gotten that far. I’ve never gotten more then flashes, emotion mainly. Pain, joy, anger, depression. But never like that.”

“I’ve only ever known one person who could do that, but it’s impossible. She died long ago.” He said, his hand traveling involuntarily to his pocket, his eyes shining with the tears he had never permitted himself to shed. “Never mind. The point is, how did this happen? When?”

“I don’t know. Wait, yes I do. It started about a year ago. The day I turned thirteen.” She said quietly, wonderingly.

“The day you came of age.” He murmured, more to himself then to Iliania. “Anyway, Iliania, where do you live? Who are your parents?”

“Don’t have any. I live in an orphanage. Always have, and unless I get a full scholarship to a university, I always will.” She answered bitterly, returning to her lunch.

“Is there no one who cares about you? No one to miss you?” he asked, horrified.

“I beg your pardon?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Sorry, that really came out wrong. What I meant is-” he started, but Iliania waved his words away.

“It’s ok, I know what you meant. And no, there isn’t. You see, to them, I’m a dead-weight. The little kids get adopted really quick. But once you hit about eight, there’s almost no chance of adoption. By now, I’m so old and useless to them that if someone who was clearly an ax-murderer, bloody ax and everything showed up and said he wanted to adopt me, if he had enough money, they’d hand me over without a second thought. No one cares. No one ever cares.” Iliania said bitterly.

“You want to come with me?” he asked.

Iliania looked at him thoughtfully. “Were you anyone else, I’d report you as a kidnapping pervert. Not that they’d believe me anyways. But…” her voice trailed off.

“But?” he asked.

“But you’re different. You’re empty, broken. But not desperate or psychotic. You’re a good person. And besides-anywhere’s better then here. Anywhere’s better then here. Let’s go.” She said, smiling sadly.

“Brilliant.” The Doctor said, smiling.

As he said that, the bell rang and everyone left the cafeteria in a rush.